Generally, if you don’t have a visa tanzania or a tanzania e-visa, you will not be able to access the country as per rules and regulations of the law of Tanzania.

Since the embassies are over-crowded and too much time consuming to stand and wait in long queues, a much expedite process to grab your e visa tanzania shall be

Let’s have a look at the advantages you get when traveling with an e-visa Tanzania.

Time saving

When thinking about the traditional ways of the entire visa application system, a lot of time and money is being spent from the start to the end of the process. First, you would require to schedule a meeting face to Face at the visa office where your data would need be manually captured and involves scanning processes for all your documents. This process would take a lot of time.

Therefore the number one advantage of getting an e visa Tanzania is that you don’t have to wait in long queues at the embassy to get your visa done. No one wants to be in position where they have to wait for a long time, thus everything is done in one platform.


When making the use of traditional methods of applying a visa, you are required to physically be present at the Visa Office. That gives individuals a great advantage when it comes to stealing your identity. However, when applying for an Tanzania E Visa, you are required to pay the fee with a credit or debit card registered in your name. With that said, banks can verify whether you are the account holder.

Moreover sometimes if any missing document or any administrative issues is pointed out, you will have to re do the processing of everything that may delay your travel date. So traveling with an e-visa is more flexible any time any place you can provide you’re requested documents that won’t cancel the whole process.

Stress- free

The most crucial benefit of traveling with an e visa Tanzania is that you travel with less stress. With an already approved evisa tanzania, you can pre-book and do proper planning’s of your trip.


Our team provides customer service and assistance in any cases before and after the approval of your visa tanzania.

For example, if ever you have an issue with authorities or some documents are missing, our team will be able to tell you exactly where you have been lacking information for your tanzania visa.

Better Tracking System

The tanzania evisa also saves time at the border of the arrival gate. Authorities are able to do proper tracking and control of e-visa tanzania in real time without having to wait for documentation to reach them. You just have to go straight to get your passport checked with just one queue. This also makes it easy to track down suspicious activities and individuals traveling through gates. Thus making travel safe by keeping the border flawless. 

Having to wait in long queues at the embassy to be able to get your visa is an old story now.

With the launching of the official eVisa, we provide a user-friendly and time -saving online platform that helps eligible travelers visiting Tanzania in obtaining their required documents.

Another advantage of the Tanzania eVisa online platform method is that it allows travelers to apply for a visa up to two weeks before travelling. This timeframe is an immense improvement over the existing, irregular method that could leave travelers waiting for two months for a visa tanzania. There are many different situations in which someone may need to travel without an extended notice, and this new system will allow travelers to do so with ease.

The Tanzania e Visa platform utilizes a secured application portal which can be accessed from any browser-based system. This includes, but is not limited to: computers, tablets, and smart phones.

Applicants just have to fill the tanzania evisa application form online where they will be asked to insert their passport details, upload a passport size photo, the copy of their passport and their return ticket.

Moreover, it is always advisable to take adequate care while filling your personal details and also when posting your passport photo online as it can create great troubles if the passport lands in an unsafe hand.

Since passport and vital documents are being conveyed to us, we ensure with certainty the protection of data for not disclosing the personal information of our customers according to the data protection act. We assure safety, security and punctuality at an affordable price.

We also perform daily proper checkups for your application form if there are some information lacking to valid your e visa tanzania.

Finally, applicants will require to have a valid credit/debit card to process the payment online.

Henceforth, our evisatanzania team will do a follow-up and provide 24/7 assistance to applicants who have questions or issues on acquiring their e-visa Tanzania.

However, it will be the consulate of Tanzania that will give the approval of your e-visa. After getting the approval our team will contact and successfully deliver your tanzania evisa by email.

For any question, our team is always ready to provide support.

Thereby, you can schedule a journey to your dream destination without having any issues with authorities.