What is Tanzania evisa?

The electronic Tanzania Visa is a document certifying that the holder is authorized to enter and stay in Tanzania for a specified period.
It replaces the traditional Tanzanian visa issued at the point of entry into the country, which is usually an airport or border crossing. Applicants can apply for a Tanzanian visa electronically after providing the required information and making payment online.
Since November 2018, all travellers must compulsorily apply for their Tanzania visa online to visit Tanzania. No application for a traditional visa or other administrative procedure is required.

What are the documents or information needed to apply for an eVisaTanzania ?

For the electronic Tanzania visa application present a copy of your passport, photo ID and additional document depending on the type of visa requested.
Eligible entry points are Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA), Julius-Nyerere International Airport Dar-es-Salaam (JNIA), Namanga Land Border Post (with Kenya) and the Border Post. land of Tunduma (with Zambia).
When applying for the Tanzania tourist visa, you are asked to choose between a visit to Mainland Tanzania or the Zanzibar Archipelago.
A form with the wrong information may delay the processing of your file and in some cases you will need to do a new application.

Who should apply for an eVisa Tanzania?

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How long will it take to obtain the travel authorization?

Visa applications will be processed within ten days. Applicants are therefore strongly advised to respect the time allowed when submitting their application.

What are the possible answers that I am likely to receive?

Authorization granted: Your trip is allowed. Travel Not Permitted: You will need to apply for a Temporary Stay Visa from the Embassy of Tanzania in this case.

What is the validity of my electronic Visa Tanzania?

90 days.

Do I need to fill an online Tanzania visa application form for my children?

Yes, minors must have their own ID (passport for Tanzania). For the authorization of exit of territory when the children are not accompanied by one of their parents, each country has set up its own regulation.
Thus, for French minors, a according to the law applicable since January 2017 To travel abroad, minors must carry an identity document (passport), a form signed by one of the parents with a parental authority and a photocopy of the child's identity document signatory parent.

Is vaccines mandatory?

- Vaccination against yellow fever is no longer officially mandatory (unless you come from a country in Africa or South America where yellow fever is endemic, even if you only spent 12 hours ), but it is recommended.

Do I need to get an e-Visa for each person who accompanies me?

Yes. Each traveler must have a separate e-Visa.

When to go to Tanzania?

Tanzania has two main seasons: the dry season from May to October, and the rainy season from November to April. This rainy season is divided into two periods: a small rainy season in November and December, and a long rainy season in March and April.
The hottest season is between December and February. The high temperatures are 32 ℃ on average, the month of February is often the hottest of the year. The best time to travel to Zanzibar is between June and October.

Exploring Tanzania Activities to do:

The ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro
"Climbing the roof of Africa is a unique experience.
At an altitude of 5895 meters, you will take one of the most beautiful routes, the Machame route to discover the different facets of Mount Kilimanjaro.
Choose the dry season between June and October, then from January to March to make this unique climb to the world.

What is the time in Tanzania?

Time difference with France: + 1h00
Timezone: GMT + 3 (Africa / Dar_es_Salaam, EAT)
Offset with Paris: One hour ahead
When it is noon in Paris, it is already 1 pm in Dar es Salaam.
When it's 12:00 in Tanzania, it's only 5am in Washington

Where is Tanzania found?

Tanzania, is found in East Africa on the edge of the Indian Ocean. It is a vast country of nearly 950 000 km2. The territory belongs to the southern hemisphere and these seasons are reversed compared to Europe. The country has several borders, including Kenya, Rwanda and Mozambique.

The best period to do a safari in Tanzania?

Between January and March
The very hot season of January and February is the period of births.
You can take advantage of it to take your children to the big parks in the North of the country.
Between March and May?
The month of April is less favorable for safaris in Tanzania. The rainy season at this time of the year makes roads impracticable and animals difficult to observe. But if you want to see the lions and make beautiful pictures of the stormy sky it will be the best time to see.
The ideal season to go on safari in Tanzania:
From June to September the unique phenomenon of the great migration of herbivores in the parks of the north of the country like Tarangire or Ngorongoro takes place.
This is truly the safari season.
Temperatures are not stifling, and thousands of animals can be seen.
October to December in Tanzania:
The month of November is the period of passing showers.
This climate gives a beautiful brightness to image hunters. It is also the migration period to Serengeti and we can admire many animals.

What is the capital of Tanzania?

Dodoma is the official and legislative capital of Tanzania, while Dar es Salaam is the seat of the government.